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What is Psych-K? 


Psych-K  facilitates replacing old, limiting beliefs with positive self supportive beliefs on a deep sub-conscious level.  It does this through accessing a direct linkage between our conscious and subconscious with elements of NLP, light hypnotic suggestion, somatic awareness.   Psych-K also utilizes a whole brain state in many of its protocols synchronizing the right and left hemispheres to facilitate adaptive processing and to deepen the integration of personal truths.  Though Psych-K effectively utilizes many elements of traditional therapy, it is considered an Energy Modality.  

What can I expect during a Psych-K Balance?


For a Psych-K session, you may already have a desired self supportive belief or goal statement  in mind.  I support you as you decide on the goal statement to be balanced and I walk with you through the process.  The process may be experienced as a brief meditative state.  It can also be described as connecting a little more fully with one's own energy to give your Subconscious mind reassurance to know it is ok to replace an old, limiting belief with the supportive and positive goal statement.  

When positive affirmations are integrated, clients may experience a gentle energetic shift.  Other times one may just notice a sudden cognitive insight or a gentle shift in mood as it relates to the goal statement we work on. With self-care that may include regular meditation or use of CBT skills, these small but meaningful changes are maintained.

Psych-K can be a great addition to an existing therapy treatment plan.  Because Psych-K is considered an energy modality, I generally only offer this to clients who directly express interest in Psych-K or who have shared interest in energy modalities in their own journey prior to meeting with me.  If seeking therapy for post traumatic stress and you are interested in the process, it can be used to compliment and strengthen your work during the preparation and integration phases of EMDR, as a complimentary exercise in Clinical Hypnotherapy or CBT as well as before or after an Accelerated Resolution reprocessing session.

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