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Clinical Hypnotherapy

Working with Clinical Hypnosis empowers us to make desired changes on a subconscious level so that we can more easily shift both our behavioral and even emotional patterns.  It is truly empowering for clients who are actively seeking specific positive change.  


If anxiety or stress have limited you in anyway from meeting a desired personal goal, hypnosis can help.  We can ultimately choose our attitude , though with life's stressors and challenges, it may not always feel like an easy thing to do.  Hypnotherapy techniques support clients not only to strengthen their resources to choose how they feel and what they do, but to do it with more confidence and ease.  Hypnotherapy is uniquely effective at helping people to make desired changes while removing unhelpful or undesired blocks to increased calm, enthusiasm and/or confidence, depending on what your focus is.


Why does it help to work directly with the subconscious mind?


Our Conscious mind is only our awareness at the tip of the iceberg.  It is aware of about 5-10% of the information we process.  It is not known to be as directly connected with the energies within and around us as our Subconscious mind is.  Conscious mind is our ego, our immediate awareness and explicit memory.  In a whole brain state where our left and right brain regions are optimally synchronized, our conscious awareness of our whole experience increases as we are able to look at logical information while also being aware of our emotional selves, and in the best case scenario, align with our Subconscious. Too often, especially as we get caught in the day to day grind, energy feeds into our lower brain regions and our left and right hemispheres are not optimally synchronized further separating us from a more whole awareness. 


Even if our Conscious awareness is not always up to par, we carry on because it is really our 

Subconscious that runs the show.  The Subconscious manages and runs not only the Central Nervous System, but it processes 95% of the information we take in at any given moment.  


Though the Subconscious mind is very powerful, it also needs an occasional upgrade.  The Subconscious mind is very literal and it does not differentiate between past, present and future. Therefore, on its own, it may not logically process out a belief, protective behavior pattern or fear formed in childhood or formed during times of high stress. If the mind does not get a chance to adaptively process that old pattern by integrating conscious with subconscious awareness, the old limiting belief or behavior may stick around longer than the logical mind or adult self would like. This explains why we sometimes have emotional beliefs and even fears that don't completely align with what our logical mind knows to be true.  It is also why sometimes using our Conscious, logical mind to reframe old, deep seated beliefs can feel like using a measuring cup to clear out a flood.  We need our Subconscious (the other 95%) to know it is appropriate and even easy to change the old belief or behavior. 


The Conscious mind is more connected to our ego.  It is our thinking self.  Consciously connecting with the Subconscious through Hypnosis allows deeper change to happen much more easily and readily, freeing us to finally make the changes we seek more fully and completely.  The subconscious just needs to know the old limiting belief or behavior is truly in the past and it is ok to fully replace it with a positive belief or behavior that currently serves our greatest good! 

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